khleopatre makeup look

I have tried to recreate khleopatre makeup look using affordable products :

For foundation, I have used born this way from TOO FACED in sand to kinda warm up my skin a little bite and look tanned. 

To conceal, I usually go for TOO FACED in natural beige. Moving on to my eyes, as a transition color, I have used the forever flawless birds of paradise eyeshadow palette from MAKEUP REVOLUTION.

Next, I have achieved that glossy red look on my eyelid using the stunna lip paint in uncensored from FENTY BEAUTY as an eyeshadow, but you can go for the from SEPHORA as an alternative and it’s much affordable. They both pretty look the same. On top of that, I have added a shimmery red eyeshadow from MIEVIC in shade shining eyeshadow in 06 that I really enjoyed using. I haven’t used any bronzer for that look but for blush, I have used a creamy one in nude peach from JORDANA. 

For eyeliner, I usually use the one from BOURJOIS, I rarelly go for liquid eyeliners, I prefer using black eyeshadow, I find it way better and it gives that matte finish that I like.

My go to mascara recently has been the sky high mascara from MAYBELLINE.

As a lip combo, I have used the nude truffle lipliner from NYX, pillow talk from CHARLOTTE TILBURY and the tinted lip balm in perfect nude from lanolips.

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