Facial moisturizing

When it comes to hydration, you should be very careful with what you put on your face.

You have to select products based on their ingredients, they must do the job without being harm for your skin.

Note that a good moisturizer has to give your face a smoothness after applying it which tends to stay all day long.


How to choose the right moisturizer ?

Picking up the right moisturizer for your skin should be related to you skin type.

There are mainly three types of moisturizer that you can find in stores, for dry skin, for oily skin and for combination skin type.

Dry skin moisturizer are known for their very deep hydration while the oily one’s shouldn’t be too greasy. 

What moisturizer do I use to hydrate my face ?

I have been using EMBRYOLISSE face cream for the past months during winter time, and I can tell that it’s the best moisturizer because it gives a deep hydration to my face.

Well I have a combination skin type which tends to dry in winter and gets oily in summer when it’s really hot.

This face cream has a smooth texture that gives my face a buttery touch after applying it.

This is my go to moisturizing before applying makeup.

It’s affordable and especially it doesn’t contain chemicals ingredients and it doesn’t have a specific scent which makes it not harm for your skin.

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